Vicky Jenson

I’m so excited about this new show!!!

Pallas projects a knowledgable professional persona worthy of interviewing these giants of music.

In the interview (with Steve Hackett), Pallas’ understanding, preparation, and experience allowed her a nimble poise and facility with her subject, putting the legendary musician at ease.

Very few people out there are able to reach these artists, let alone get them to open up so honestly. Pallas is a terrific interviewer!!!

Vicky Jenson, award-winning director at Skydance, formerly at Dreamworks Animation

Rick Torres

Pallas is awesome! She needs to make a movie! She’s got so much talent, and so much stuff in her repertoire . . .  She should really make a movie about what she’s done!

Rick Torres, award winning music producer, owner of Erecords, musician at Dirty Cakes, former musician at The English Beat, founding member of The Supreme Beings of Leisure, award winning teacher at Musicians Institute, L.A.

Robin Flatt

May I just say, your first teaser is fantastic! You display your ability to get close to your guests and draw out their human side in a very short time! Of course those of us who follow your podcast already knew that about you, but you have now made it possible for the visual seekers to discover that now, also. Bravo! Cannot wait to see your upcoming interviews!

Robin Flatt, podcast producer

Jim Voit

Wow! Great promo, Pallas! Very excited to tune in. You’re a natural!

Jim Voit, radio host, DJ and producer of The Radio is Broken

Nick Beggs

Pallas, You are a proper British talk-show!

Nick Beggs, bass player, singer Kaja Goo Goo, Steve Hackett, Steve Wilson

Lee Ritenour

That’s a great question . . . These are hard questions!

Lee Ritenour, legendary American jazz guitarist

Tony Levin

Thank you for not asking any trite questions!

Tony Levin, iconic bass and Chapman Stick player King Crimson, Stick Men

Michael Sherwood

Not only is Pallas is a true patron of the arts, but she herself is an artist. An artist’s artist. Dig?

Michael Sherwood, composer, singer, songwriter, musician at Toto, Chris Squire’s Conspiracy, Circa, Air Supply, Michael Jackson

Dean Sluyter

Pallas, is a goddess of the creative flame! May her new show fly through the airwaves in all directions, bringing the joy of boogie-down to all!

Dean Sluyter, best-selling, award winning author, lecturer, and film critic