Pallas produces and hosts PALLAS ON AIR, in which she interviews rock stars, jazz legends, progressive rock gods and goddesses, genre-fluid artists, pop-culture icons, choreographers, writers, directors, producers, as well as up and coming artists. PALLAS ON AIR can be viewed on her YouTube channel of the same name, and can be heard on SoundCloud under the moniker, “Pallas’ Dutch Invasion / PALLAS ON AIR”.

Pallas also has a penchant for guerrilla broadcasting. She broadcasts concert footage and spur of the moment interviews via Facebook live stream! You never know where she’ll turn up!

Pallas can also be heard occasionally as a guest co-host on radio stations KOOP 91.7 FM in Austin, Texas, on the web at koop.org, and on the L.A. based  internet radio station, KONG monsterrock.net.

Pallas is launching a BLOG! Two of her blog pieces can be read on the blog page of this site, here. She has several pieces in the works, including artist interviews, tales of adventures, and more! Stay tuned!

For information about Pallas’ work as a master ballet teacher, choreographer, rehearsal director, and certified yoga instructor, please visit the page on this website PALLAS-DANCE here.

Pallas found her beginnings in broadcast journalism as the Arts and Entertainment correspondent for “DutchbuzZ Radio” on The Hague FM, (Netherlands), where she had her own weekly spot. She was hired by the producers of DutchbuzZ, shortly after they interviewed her about her self-produced multi-media, interdisciplinary show, “TRUE FUSION”. You can listen to that interview, here: https://soundcloud.com/satori-setodo/truefusionmp3

Soon after beginning her stint at DutchbuzZ, she became inspired to launch the podcast “Pallas’ Dutch Invasion”, effectively creating a platform which presented no time restrictions to her content. You can listen to a sampling of Pallas’ Dutch Invasion’s archived broadcasts, here: https://soundcloud.com/pallas-dutch-invasion, which include a one hour long special with Fee Waybill of The Tubes, and short interviews with the late jazz great Larry Coryell, and progressive rock icon Colin Edwin.

Upon launching “Pallas’ Dutch Invasion”, Pallas discovered how relatively easy it was for her to book illustrious artists to appear on her show. At the time, this came as something of a surprise, considering that she was still a newbie journalist. She quickly realized that the stature of her guests deserved to have the interviews captured on film.

PALLAS ON AIR was born!

From the beginning, Pallas set the bar high for production quality and is committed to maintaining a high standard.

Pallas demonstrates an uncanny knack for producing unusual, quality content. Seemingly out of thin air, she has attracted numerous opportunities, for which she has pulled together production crews, creating extraordinary and unique content. The emotional scope and depth of the stories her guests share is broad and far reaching.

Please see the TESTIMONIALS  page of this site, here, quoting industry professionals, who laud her talents as a producer and host, emphasizing her unique interviewing style.

For two years in a row, Pallas earned a highly coveted spot, aboard the Brilliance of the Seas, by invitation of the producers of CRUISE TO THE EDGE, to film interviews for PALLAS ON AIR during the progressive rock festival at sea. Cruise To The Edge is headlined by the progressive rock giants, YES, and by legendary guitarist, STEVE HACKETT.

PALLAS ON AIR has also been filmed at various locations around the world, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin, New York City, Amsterdam, Utrecht, The Hague, and Zoetermeer.

You can view the PALLAS ON AIR one minute Youtube promo, here, https://youtu.be/MVJivauM9K0 which features Barb Wire Dolls, Annabella Lwin of Bow Wow Wow, Steve Hackett of Genesis, Tony Levin and Pat Mastelotto of King Crimson, Julie Slick of The Adrian Belew Power Trio, and Billy Sherwood of YES.

A short selection of PALLAS ON AIR’s interviews are viewable, on her YouTube channel, here:

PALLAS ON AIR has filmed and recorded approximately 60 interviews to date. The majority of that footage is being primed for editing and post-production.

She is currently enlisting the work of a small team of editors who are located in Los Angeles, Austin, New York, and the Netherlands, to conquer the arduous tasks of editing, post-production, and to finally realize the long-awaited release of this treasure trove of interviews.

Pallas regularly receives invitations to film PALLAS ON AIR at music festivals – more invitations than she is able to accept at this time. For now, the priority is to focus on post-production, and the release of her 60 filmed interviews.

In order to sustain the ongoing and mounting costs of production and post-production, PALLAS ON AIR is launching a PATREON campaign.

Realizing post-production, and the long awaited releases of these interviews, will ONLY be possible with funding. For this reason we are offering music lovers, fans, aficionados, and the public at large the opportunity to become supporters of PALLAS ON AIR.

In addition to supporting production costs, subscribers and supporters of PALLAS ON AIR will have access to cool perks, rad merch, exclusive previews . . . and more! Please stay tuned for more details about Pallas’ PATREON campaign, on the CONTRIBUTE page of this site, here.

Here is the list of guests on PALLAS ON AIR and the interviews you can look forward to seeing!

PALLAS ON AIR Artist Interviews:

  • Rodney Bingenheimer ~ “The Mayor of Sunset Strip”, legendary groundbreaking and trend setting radio DJ formerly on KROQ 106.7 the ROQ of the 80s, currently radio DJ on “Little Steven’s Underground Garage” on (((Sirius Xm)))
  • Dirty Cakes
  • Charley Beckham Tichenor IV ~ frontman Dirty Cakes, bass at Turbulent Hearts
  • Rick Torres ~ award winning music producer, owner Erecords, musician at Dirty Cakes, formerly of the The English Beat, founding member The Supreme Beings of Leisure, award winning teacher at Musicians Institute, L.A.
  • Becky Wreck ~ drummer at Dirty Cakes, formerly of The Lunachicks, La Muerte
  • Ann Marie De Angelo ~ award winning ballerina Joffrey Ballet, San Francisco Ballet, Frankfurt Ballet, former artistic director Ballet de Monterrey, choreographer, producer, director, Capezio Awards, author of “Produce Yourself”
  • Tobias Ralph ~ drummer with Steve Augeri (former Journey lead singer), former drummer with The Adrian Belew Power Trio, ToPaRaMa (with Pat Mastelotto of King Crimson), teacher at The Collective School of Music, N.Y.C.
  • Amaguk ~ progressive jazz rock fusion band based in The Netherlands
  • Kavus Torabi ~ Knifeworld, Gong, Cardiacs
  • Melanie Woods ~ Knifeworld, Cardiacs
  • Random Jon Poole ~ Lifesigns, Wildhearts, Cardiacs
  • Andre Cholomondeley ~ guitar tech & tour manager to Adrian Belew, guitar tech to Steve Howe / YES Official, ELP, guitarist at Project / Object
  • Sir This van Leer ~ Focus
  • Menno Gootjes ~ Focus
  • Udo Pannekeet ~ Focus
  • Neal Morse ~ The Neal Morse Band
  • Jim Gilmore ~ Saga
  • Durga McBroom ~ Pink Floyd, The Dave Kerzner Band, McBroom Sisters
  • Jon Kirkman ~ radio DJ, producer, presenter of Cruise To The Edge, author of numerous books on YES
  • The Lemon Twigs
  • Michael D’Addario ~ The Lemon Twigs
  • Brian D’Addario ~ The Lemon Twigs
  • Ronnie D’Addario ~ “Papa Twig”
  • Danny Ayala ~ Dr. Danny, Sunflower Bean, formerly of The Lemon Twigs
  • Miss Pamela Des Barres ~ best-selling author of “I’m With the Band”, and the most famous groupie in the world
  • Fools
  • The Strawberry Alarm Clock
  • Billy Sherwood ~ producer / composer / multi instrumentalist ~ YES, Asia, World Trade
  • Julie Slick ~ Adrian Belew Power Trio, EchoTest
  • Steve Hackett ~ Genesis
  • Nick Beggs ~ Kaja Googoo, Steve Hackett, and Steve Wilson
  • Nad Sylvan ~ Steve Hackett
  • Dave Kerzner ~ Sound Of Contact, Dave Kerzner Band, In Continuum
  • Fernando Perdomo ~ producer / singer – songwriter / multi instrumentalist
  • Patrick Moraz ~ YES, Moody Blues
  • Tony Levin ~ King Crimson, Stick Men
  • Pat Mastelotto ~ King Crimson, Stick Men, O_r_k
  • Markus Reuter ~ Stick Men
  • Alan Morse ~ Spock’s Beard
  • Colin Edwin ~ Porcupine Tree, O_r_k
  • Fee Waybill ~ The Tubes
  • Annabella Lwin ~ Bow Wow Wow
  • Barb Wire Dolls
  • Remmington Pearce
  • Birth of Joy
  • Taymir
  • Patrimony
  • Rafael Marcolino
  • Virginia Macolino ~ original singer ~ Berlin, Beast of Beast
  • Lee Ritenour ~ legendary jazz guitarist
  • Larry Coryell ~ “The Godfather of Fusion” RIP
  • Mari Kawaguchi ~ patron of the arts, companion to the late Keith Emerson
  • Dennis Atlas ~ Initiator, Styxology, One With Everything, Bad Dreams
  • Dim Wanker ~ F-Word
  • Jonny Whiteside ~ award-winning journalist
  • Michael Meinhart ~ Socionic
  • Suzi Moon ~ Turbulent Hearts
  • State To State
  • Charles Anderson ~ Laktating Yak
  • Jack Haley, Zane Rusk ~ Jicky
  • Jon Miller  ~ Jon Miller Quartet
  • Sahil Bahl ~ singer / songwriter
  • Cat Shannon ~ singer / songwriter
  • Lifeless Past 
  • Tim Kaasjager / aka Timber Woods ~ singer / songwriter
  • Gayle Skidmore ~ singer / songwriter
  • Andy Ninvalle ~ Stewlocks ~ award winning world class rapper / slam poet / music producer / choreographer / educationalist
  • Thom Stuart, Rinus Sprong ~ choreographers / artistic directors De Dutch Don’t Dance Division

PALLAS has been interviewed by:

Upcoming interviews:

  • Lucy LaMode ~ Killer Pussy
  • Chuck Hammer ~ guitarist for David Bowie during Scary Monsters era
  • Morris Hayes ~ Prince, NPG
  • Dweezil Zappa
  • Adrian Belew ~ guitarist / vocalist for King Crimson, Frank Zappa, David Bowie, ABPT
  • Terry Bozzio ~ drummer for Missing Persons, Frank Zappa, Korn
  • Fred Zuiderwijk ~ Dutch drummer and radio and television presenter
  • Cesar Zuiderwijk ~ drummer from Golden Earring
  • Taco Gortner ~ Dutch drummer and composer
  • Toni Basil ~ iconic dancer, choreographer, singer, producer, director, influencer
  • Shabba Doo ~ dancer and choreographer of the original Lockers